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Changing the play back rate of a buffer in C?

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I am using an Altera DE2 FPGA board and running Quartus II, Nios II (V10.1). I loaded the Terasic V1.6 demo "DE2_SD_Card_Audio." 

Currently, I can play a .wav file from the SD card to the Line Out. Ignoring all the other details, the C code (hello_led.c) from the demo that outputs to Line Out is: 


UINT16 Tmp1=0; 


Tmp1=(Buffer[i+1]<<8)|Buffer[i]; //loads the data from the SD card to Tmp1  

//change the buffer rate? 

IOWR(AUDIO_BASE, 0, Tmp1); //sends Tmp1 data to Line Out 


If I were to print Tmp1, it's basically the points on a sine wave. What I want to do now is fiddle with how the sound plays by changing the play back rate (ideally I want to play the sound up or down an octave, which is just double or half the frequency). Can anyone provide some suggestions on how I can do this in the section: 


//change the buffer rate? 


Is it possible in C to write a few lines of code in that section to obtain what I'm looking for? ie. change how fast I'm reading from the Tmp1 buffer to the AUDIO_BASE. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Here are some options 

-simple software delay loop 

-timer interrupt with a variable interrupt frequency based upon how fast you want to set the DAC 

-Software writes samples to a FIFO and statemachine, which writes data out to a DAC at a particular output rate specified by the software