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Combining .elf and .sof files

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How can I put a large .elf Nios program into a .sof file? When I convert to .hex using elf2hex, it tells me it is too large for a hex file. 


I need to have a way for production computers to program the flash with just the Quartus programmer. I can't install the Nios EDS on production computers. 


I am using active parallel so there is no EPCS device, which is what most of the examples use. I have a bootloader that will load a program from flash at a certain address, but I don't know how to get the elf into the flash. 


The size of the executable is about 4 KB.
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FYI I did this by modifying the that comes with the advanced boot loader. I changed the nios2-elf-objcopy command so that the output was ihex, then loaded that into the Quartus convert programming files tool.