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Common FLASH Interface

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The FLASH devices used in my NIOS II system are not in the pull down menu of supported devices. 


The INTEL TE28F320J3A-110 (WORD Mode) is the closest. 

I'm using the TE28F256-xxx (WORD Mode). So the size of the device and the device ID will be different. 


I see how I can change the memory size and create a custom device. 


What do I need to do to the software to support the CFI. 


it looks like the module "altera_avalon_cfi_flash_intel.c" is where the changing needs to be performed. 


Has anyone done this? 

Any suggestions? 


Thanks In Advance 

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You should not need to change the software if the device is CFI compliant, the CPU interrogates the device to find out how to program it. There was however a problem with using 16 bit devices in 8 bit mode which is fixed in the 1.01 release.