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Compile ATLAS_SOC_GHRD with QP 16.1.2 (203), Win 10 x64, ARM tool chain (on cygwin)

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I have a DE0-NANO, and had fun with it.  

Now I try DE0-NANO-SoC,  


End goal would be to complete development of Linux Driver as described here ( (WS3 Developing Drivers for Altera SoC Linux) 


As I don't know much where to start. I went to > getting started > atlas soc, And do compile hardware and preloader with ARM toolchain (cygwin) for win 10 x64 as described here ( using "gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q1-update-win32.exe" from ARM website 


Think is that the tutorial is for QP 15, and I have QP 16.1 (And prefer avoid downgrade).  


Seems to work not bad, but few errors and finally crash. 


It tells a known issue is that the Stratix support should be installed for the compilation to work. But as I have little budget and only QP lite edition, I can't install stratix support... Maybe also the crash is not related to that.  


Ok, a bit lost. Thanks for advice to set up my dev tool chain to be able to play with HPS + FPGA.  


(let me know if missing information or details here)
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I am pretty sure that you can use QP lite edition + Cyclone V device only (without Stratix) - have been using this configuration without any issue so far.

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Hi Sunshine,  


Thanks for the answer, will keep investigating what's happening.  


Will post news here or on my page when moving forward / updates.