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Compiler/linker option to skip localisation of .bss section




I`m using Quartus Lite 17.1 .with nios-elf-gcc version 5.30


We have some static variables which goes to .bss section data segment. When we wanted to increase the size of these static variables we started to get watch dog resets because initialisation of .bss segment started to took longer and there is no piece of code at this level to pad the watch dog.


What I wanted to know is if there is way to tell the compiler/linker skip .bss initalisation ?


Closest I could get is at

which mentions use of -G num but not exactly what I `m looking for.






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Hi, Please first check the following two chapters of the "Nios II Software Developer’s Handbook" Chapter 3 and 15: CH3: CH15: This chapter provides a complete reference of all available commands, options, and settings for the Nios® II Software Build Tools and useful for developing your own embedded software projects, packages, or device drivers. Regards.