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Configuring u-Boot for Custom Board with Arria 10

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I am using a Custom board with Arria 10 SoC. It has peripherals QSPI Flash,eMMC,TPM via I2c, FRAM, etc. I plan to test these peripherals using u-boot commands. But the defconfig for arria10 doesn't have any of these. How can build u-boot to test these? I have installed SoCEDSProSetup- in linux host machine. Created handoff file of my board and using bsp-editor generated the software with 'diasble u-boot build' unchecked. But whenever I try in the emmbedded_command_shell, it is using defconfig for u-boot building even if i modify in menuconfig. can you advise me how to enable all peripherals in my u-boot binary ?
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