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Connecting 2nd Jtag2AVM to f2h_axi_slave causes system console to hang up

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I'm trying to create my first HPS system on a C5 Soc board from Terasic. 

If I create a system with one JTAG2AVM bridge (called fpga_console in picture qsys_causing_no_error.png) I can run the script shown below, and the leds lit according to the number writen. 

set jtag_master 0] open_service master $jtag_master master_write_8 $jtag_master 0x00010040 1 master_write_8 $jtag_master 0x00010040 2 master_write_8 $jtag_master 0x00010040 3 master_write_8 $jtag_master 0x00010040 4 close_service master $jtag_master  


The documentation that I follow from Terasic however tells me that I need to add a second JTAG2AVM Bridge and connect that one up to the f2h_axi_slave (called hps_console in picture qsys_causing_error.png) 

When I do this and try to run the script above again, system consoles timesout with an error (see system_console_error_message.png). 


I don't understand that this connection, has influence on the fpga_console, that it not connected at all to the HPS or the hps_console. 

Any advice? 

Is this connection putting the HPS in reset perhaps? 



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The problem is solved (with help from Terasic). 

As I insert another JTAG2AVM bridge, my jtag_master in the script above is not anymore on index 0, but index 1 

So when I change the first line into: 

set jtag_master 1]  


the scripts works.
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My friend solved the other two problems. 

She did redo everything I did. 

She started from scratch and did do only what the manual said. 

Apparently I did something wrong (still haven't found what) 


The other thing I would like to mention, is that the f2h_axi_slave doesn't work, when the HPS is not loaded with a PRELOADER configuration. 

As soon as that is done, the HPS has clocks and is out of reset. 

And then you can access the LEDS's and BUTTONS trough the f2h_axi slave interface by the HPS-JTAG2AVM bridge.