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Convert Dot Multiply from C2H to ???

Honored Contributor II

I have the following simple vector dot multiply as a C2H accelerator. 

For some situations (but not all) regular NIOS running 50MHz on a 2C8 is fast enough running in code. 

I want to implement this as something supported by Qsys and newer Quartus. 


Options? Special instruction in NIOS? User component in Qsys? Something else? 


I have constructed signal processing accelerators outside of NIOS using read and write masters, but would like to avoid that effort here. 


Seems likely this function has been covered before. 


// Multiply data vector with polyphase filter int DotMpy(int* __restrict__ r, int* __restrict__ p, alt_u16 PolySel) { # pragma altera_accelerate connect_variable DotMpy/r to sdram # pragma altera_accelerate connect_variable DotMpy/r to onchip_SRAM # pragma altera_accelerate connect_variable DotMpy/p to onchip_SRAM long long SumVal = 0; int k = 20; do { SumVal += (long long)*r++ * (long long)*p; if (PolySel&0x100) (p--); else (p++); } while (--k); return (int)(SumVal >> 16); }
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