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Creating mtd partitions within a single cfi-flash

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Hello folks, 

i'am trying to create multiple partitions within my single (4 MB) cfi-flash. These partitions should be mountable from uCLinux using jffs2. 

The flash section within my dts-file looks like this: 

cfi_flash: flash@0x400000 { compatible = "ALTR,cfi_flash-11.1", "cfi-flash"; reg = < 0x00400000 0x00400000 >; bank-width = < 2 >; device-width = < 1 >; # address-cells = < 1 >; # size-cells = < 1 >; part_0@0 { reg = < 0x00000000 0x00200000 >; }; //end part_0@0 part_1@200000 { reg = < 0x00200000 0x00200000 >; }; //end part_1@200000 }; //end flash@0x400000 (cfi_flash)  


But something must be wrong within my kernel-config. 

Because uCLinux detects only the cfi-flash device but not the partitions. I'am only able to mount the whole flash but not the different partitions. 

cat /proc/mtd displays: 

dev: size erasesize name 

mtd0: 00400000 00010000 "400000.flash" 


Please take a look at my kernel config.... 

Thank you so much.
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No one out there who uses flash-partitions?