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Custom component driver header file

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Hi All, 


I've created a custom hardware component that successfully integrates with Qsys and can be attached to a NIOS II/e core. 


I'm now trying to persuade the Eclipse software build tools to include the component's header file within a BSP (The header just define basic IO macros). The component is very simple, so doesn't really need a full HAL driver, but for completeness, I'd like the header file (and perhaps a basic c library) automatically imported within the BSP. 


Here is my _sw.tcl file: 

# Create a new driver create_driver push_buttons_driver # Associate it with hardware set_sw_property hw_class_name PushButtons # The version of this driver set_sw_property version 1.0 # Location in generated BSP that sources will be copied into set_sw_property bsp_subdirectory drivers # Source file listings add_sw_property include_source inc/pushButtons_regs.h # This driver supports LWHAL (OS) types add_sw_property supported_bsp_type HAL add_sw_property supported_bsp_type UCOSII add_sw_property supported_bsp_type LWHAL 


The directory structure is simple: 

PushButtons - inc - pushButtons_regs.h - PushButtons.vhdl - PushButtons_hw.tcl - PushButtons_sw.tcl (as listed above) 


If I create a new BSP the pushButton_regs.h file does not get copied into the Eclipse project. 


So, two questions: 

- Have I missed some obvious step/file in order to get this working? 

- At what point is the PushButtons_sw.tcl file scanned to check for changes and hopefully copy component specific files into a BSP project? I'd hoped this would happen when 'Generate BSP' is selected from within Eclipse. 


All component files are zipped up and attached below. 


Many thanks 

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