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Cyclone III Starter Kit: No CFI table found



I started a project with an altera dev-board (Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit) a few weeks ago. I want to access the external flash (Intel 128P30) via JTAG, thus do read/write operations. I was building up a Nios II system to reach my goal. 

A screenshot of my system is attached.  


First I tried to programm my flash with Flash Programmer GUI. After this failed I tried to use the command shell. But I still get the same error: "No CFI table found at address 0x01000000" (look at screenshot). I looked at other threads but got no solution.  


Did anybody have the same problem with this dev-board? Could please anybody help me analysing my problem? I have no idea where to look at.  


Best regards.
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