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Cyclone V SoC 5CSXFC6D6F31 Hardware Library for ARM DS-5

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I'm trying to find a hardware library to support the hardware on the Cyclone V SoC 5CSXFC6D6F31 to use with Eclipse for ARM DS-5. 


Are the memory addresses listed in any of the header files for this device? 


I doubt all Cyclone V's are identical, but trying to use memory pointers I don't think are going to work because there's no way to tell the sequence the registers have to be written to. 


I'm needing the library for bare metal programming, but I'll need complete access to all memory locations in the SoC. 


Perhaps configuring the FPGA in real time with the HPS2FPGA AXI Bridge.  


Where is the library? There should be files like FPGA.h, SDRAM.h, HPS.h and so on for each peripheral in the library. 


I'd also like to know if we can access each individual logic block element in the FPGA. 


Surely there's a way to do it without an .SOF  


There's not even a tutorial on how to read/write to the FPGA in binary for configuring it or using the logic blocks as RAM. 

Maybe each block has it's own dedicated RAM as well, that would be interesting to experiment with. 


I don't think using memory address pointers are going to work as I thought because I still don't know the sequence of which registers are written to, or what the command set is per bitfield of each register. 


Thanks for your help.
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The Cyclone V SoC memory maps are practically identical. The only variations in the Cyclone V SoC are whether there is a single or dual core MPU and whether CAN is present. I'm not a software person but I think FPGA configuration is in the FPGA manager baremetal drivers. I don't have the SoC EDS installed on this machine but there should be doxygen documentation for all the baremetal code, on Windows I think there is a hyperlink to it on the start menu if you navigate to the EDS folder on the start menu. I'll go ahead and move this to the baremetal section of the forum since the people reading posts over there work with this stuff constantly.

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Thanks, this board is taking a lot of research just to get it going.

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I'll try to make use of the DS-5 Altera Edition hardware library in ARM Eclipse for DS-5. 


I don't even know if it's possible to do this. There needs to be more documentation, especially examples showing usage of each component feature on the SoC. 


This Hello World stuff is too elementary, yet they don't go into how to read/write devices in the HPS cores or FPGA manual configuration in binary mode. 


Per the board I have, the manufacturer didn't include a board specific library to read or write to any components of their hardware. 


The board specific library should have been made by the manufacturer, but they didn't. I'd like to program this board in binary mode. 


Thanks again for your help,