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Cypress Flash Programming using Nios II - Not working


We had a legacy design using the Cyclone IV FPGA - EP4CE22F17C8N connected to Flash - EPCS64N. Since the EPCS64N was obsolete we replaced it with Cypress Flash - S25FL064LABNFI040. We are then trying to program the flash using the AN98558 app note - While we are able to program the .sof file we are not able to program the flash. We are using the "Quartus II Web Edition Design Software, Version 13.1" and QSYS for target platform design and compilation. Latest 13.1 updates have been installed. Also using "Nios II 13.1 Command Shell" to program the .sof and flash. But we are getting - "there are no nios2 processor available that match the values specified" error. The schematic interface between FPGA & Cypress Flash, Qsys design, Assignment editor configuration, flash override file and command shell error pics are attached. 

We would greatly appreciate it some one here can suggest a way ahead. 

Kind attention @intel 

Syam - Degree Controls (

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Hi @syam,

Good day and hope you are doing well.

Regarding the issues that you are having with the error of 'no nios2 processor available...', initial suspect that the target devices design does not meet the minimum component.

Please do try to refer to the following user guide section 1.3.1:

Warm Regards

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