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DDR Memory IP for Bemicro SDK

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The BeMicro board has a quite a few components that aren't instantiated with the accompanying project files. 


Aside from the SD Card and ethernet, the ddr memory is especially interesting.. at the moment, all the software executes from a small ~10kx32 on-chip ram inside the fpga. 


OpenCores and Altera have several ddr controllers (DDRX w/ ALTMEMPHY, UniPHY) available as megafunctions and as sopc/qsys components, but getting it to work with the micron chip (MT46H32M16LFBF-5) could be tricky. Anyone try one with success? 


Other 3rd party vendors (Microtronix, Alma Tech, etc) have DDR contollers but are pricey!
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The LPDDR on the BeMicro SDK board comes up from time to time, and if you just want to use it on that board, then you can get your hands on an eval license. There's a few threads, and here is one recent one: 


Regarding the Altera controller, yes it is technically possible to modify it at the VHDL/Verilog level and make it work with LPDDR. 


But if you just want to use it on the BeMicro SDK board, there's little point in doing that since the free eval license exists.
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