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[DE1-SOC] How to handle interrupt of msgDMA in a linux application

Honored Contributor II

I'm using DE1-SOC and I have a system which streaming data from a fifo in FPGA to SDRAM by msgDMA.  

I have controlled msgDMA to write the descriptor and read data from SDRAM successfully but I don't know how to register and handle the interrupt of event completing a transfer in linux application.  

In my qsys design, the csr_iq of msgDMA is connected with f2h_irq0 of HPS, is it correct? 


Is there a way to interrupt the program without writing a kernel module? I have no knowledge about writing a kernel driver. 

Currently, I'm trying a stupid way as below: 


write_descriptor_to_base_address(); csr_ret = read_csr_status(); while(1) { if ( (csr_ret >> 8) & 0x1) == 1) { // read the bit 9th where IRQ_ID was set handle_event_transfer_complete(); break; } }  


Could anyone here give me some advice to solve the problem? 

Thank you,
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