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DE1-SoC board: which defconfig, .dtb file, and sources shall I use best?

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I have Terasic's DE1-SoC board and currently play around with the provided SD-card image, a self compiled kernel, my module and an FPGA .rbf which I would like to flash from the linux running on the SD card.  


My situation is the following, with the correct MSEL setting (00000) and the default SD-card image, I can dd the .rbf to /dev/fpga0 and the FPGA works correction i.e. some LEDs start to blink. Since I like to play with my own written kernel drivers, instead of the provided 3.12.0 zImage, I compile a 3.17 zImage. After trying several sources, among others rocketboards sources for the sockit board - the mainline's worked best. I simply exchanged the zImage on the SD-card partition. When trying to build the .dtb my first question poped up: when doing "make dtbs" I can see socdk.dtb, sockit.dtb and the socrates.dtb being build as socfpga_cyclone5_xxx.dtb files. By playing around I ended up with the sockit.dtb. Now I have still the problem, that with such kernel, I can't do dd to /dev/fpga0 anymore, it simply does not blink as it should. 



1) is there a defconfig for the de1-soc board from terasic, or is socfpga_defconfig the correct one? 


2) I have some doubts about the usage of the correct device tree, which .dtb to use? Is there a terasic .dtb file somewhere? Or even may I best use the original socfpga.dtb from the sdcard and simply just exchange the zImage (I don't wan't to mess around with device trees actually)? 


3) how can I get a self compiled kernel to run which allows for flashing the fpga .rbf file, it seems in my kernels, there isn't even a /sys/class/fpga-stuff... menu available, which .config option shall I look at when menu-configuring it? 


Thanks in advance!
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Hi FAB, 


I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?