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DE2_115 SDRAM control

Honored Contributor II

Board : DE2-115 

Software : QuartusII 10.0 + NiosII IDE 10.0 


i have been doing : 


Working the simple socket server in the niosII IDE basic project. 

(Use the DE2_115_web_server sopc) 


and modify the error completely  




1. i use the instruction "IOWR" and "IORD" including "io.h" storing/loading SDRAM  

address, but how to put the instruction into simple_socket_server.c . I can't  

realize the process about it. 


let's a simple goal : 


(1)declare a data[10] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} and store data into SDRAM. 


(2)loading the data from SDRAM, then, transmit the data to connector by  



>> i think the SSS project work with ucosii. 

whether i need to realize the ucosii structure or not ... ? 



the final goal just receive data from the other board and transmit data to  



how do i start ?
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Why don't you just use an array? Either a static table or one dynamically allocated with malloc().