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DSP Builder and SOPC Builder



I am working with EP2S60 stratix II Development Kit. 

I want to link my design in MATLAB to other SOPC components. 

I make a simple design in MATLAB with DSP Builder and i add Avalon Port to my design. Then with SOPC Builder in Quartus II i make a core with cpu and on chip memory and UART and JTAG UART and my design. Quartus produce 2 components. 1 related to my design and 1 related to SOPC component (cpu and UART and ...). But in Quartus i can just assign pin just to my MATLAB design not to  

SOPC components. It looks SOPC components are unknown for Quartus. also i can program my board just by my own design not SOPC components. 

If any one has any comments about this proplem (MATLAB design and SOPC link) plz sent 


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