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DTB i've created from .sopcinfo --> doesn't work

Hi All, 


I'm working on a custom board - assembly with arria5 device ( booting linux from QSPI ). 

Linux is running if i using socfpga_arria5_socdk.dtb ( from : arch/arm/boot/dts/ ) - original of EVB. 


If I using my DTB ( from sopcinfo ) - the linux doesn't run , it stuck on "starting kernel" . 

My convert process: 

- Converting the .sopcinfo ( from my QSYS poject ) to DTS using sopc2dts.exe tool. 

- Changing console from ttyAL0 to ttyS0 in the DTS. 

- Copy the DTS to my kernel's DTS folder (change the name to socfpga_arria5_socdk.dts ) 

- Run "make ARCH = arm dtbs" 


please advise how should i convert/use .sopcinfo file. 


Thanks in advanced, 

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