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De1-soc adc controller

I have and DE1-SoC rev D. And are trying to use the ADC by the IP Library\University Program\Generic IO\De1-SoC Controller. 



I read the De1-SoC Controller.pdf file, but it is not enough, I have not been able to capture and analog signal and convert it to a digital signal. 



So I started analyzing the CD\Demonstrations\FPGA\DE1_SoC_ADC. 



But I have found that the demonstration is different in CD Revision D, E and F. 



So, I have some questions: 



The IP Library\University Program\Generic IO\De1-SoC Controller, is for the all the DE1-SoC versions (with AD7928 or LTC2308)? 




Why in the CD\Demonstrations\FPGA\DE1_SoC_ADC is used a custom Qsys component instead of using the IP Library\University Program\Generic IO\De1-SoC Controller? 



Why in the CD Rev. D the Qsysdesign does not include the custom Qsys component and the CD Rev. E and F yes they include it in the Qsys design? 



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