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Design support:Video from SBSram to LCD

Hello Everyone, 


I am new to designing system with SOPC builder and got confused on a part of the design.  


In the design, I am using two SRAMs(16bit X 1Mwords) and I am using AVALON Tri-State Master to read from and write to them. One end of the tri-state master is an avalon MM slave which is connected to the AVALON bus which includes my NIOS II Controller.  


What I want to do is to read the video data from one of the SRAMs while NIOS II is writing the next frame to the other SRAM, so that I can implement a video buffer. 


The video data is not raw pixels in the SRAM. I encoded the video so that 1 word(16 bit) of the SRAM holds 4 pixels of data which should be decoded to the real pixel value(there are 32 possible pixel values which are encoded to 4 bits) by using an interal memory. 


My video format is 640*480(25.175MHz). I am using the CPU and SRAM controller in 100Mhz.  


What would be the best solution to read from SRAM -> Decode the pixels -> send to the LCD with correct timing. Should I implement a custom Avalon Mm master or the blocks from the IP library will work? 


Thank you in advance
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