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Do I need USB-to-Serial interface to plot graph real-time from Nios II to Matlab?



I am able to read data from FPGA to Nios processor, then transmit this data to Uart component created in Qsys Using direct register method (IORD_ALTERA_AVALON_UART_STATUS (UART_BASE);  




I stuck at the point that I want to plot graph to Matlab real time, I found this link (, I assume the data that I transmitted to Uart will be available at the serial com port, so I just need Matlab coding to read this data and plot the graph, am I right? 



Can I ask one silly question, I still do not understand why do I need usb-to-serial interface to the board such as FTDI UM245R module?  


Without FTDI UM245R module, I thought MATLAB can still talk to serial port, isn't it?? Please correct me if this is wrong. 


Thank you
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If you have a real 9 pin serial port on your board, you will either need to use an old PC that has a real serial port, or an adapter that has a 9 pin connector on one and and USB on the other. These aren't expensive. You might need a null modem adapter as well. 


If your board has a built in USB to serial adapter, all you will need to do is make sure that you have the drivers installed on your computer. Then you can connect to the FPGA board with a USB cable.