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Download Elf file failed



i've got another problem with running hello world on nios ii. I use Altera cyclone IV EP4CE22E22C8 in a board with a epcs flash, a sdram and a 60MHz Clock. 

My problem is after builduing the system in Qsys and compile the project without errors in the quartus software and generate the BSP file in the NIOS II Software Build Tool for Eclipse and compile the programm without errors. I run the program and get the Error Download ELF file failed. 


Where is my mistake?
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This is just an idea due to the minimal set of information you gave here: 


-Are all resets connected correctly to the processor and are not active at the moment? 

-If you use just an external memory for the NIOS, does the memory run well? 

-Have you programmed the sof to the FPGA? 


With more information from your side the answer could be more precise...
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Sometimes this error occurs even when there are no errors in the program or your design. But usually it occurs when there is some design issue.  


As you said you compiled the Qsys correctly and the BSP is also generated, I would suggest you to check if your SBT - C program is in a folder within your main project folder.  


If you get this error continuously, delete the folder where the SBT C program is saved along with the BSP folders and create an entirely new BSP and C program. It will work after that.