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Eclipse Generate Wrong Format Memory Initialization Files



I want to initial elf file fixed on chip ram,so that the processor can boot directly from internal memory without downloading.

I generated the ram initialization file according to the software manual.

perform the following steps:

1. Right-click the application project.

2. Point to Make targets and click Build to open the Make Targets dialog box.

3. Select mem_init_install.

4. Click Build. The makefile generates a separate file (or files) for each memory

device. The makefile inserts the memory initialization files directly in the Intel

Quartus Prime project directory for you.

5. Recompile your Intel Quartus Prime project.


quartus report warings:



When I opened the hex file generated, I found that it was not in the right format.hex_file_data.png

when eclipse generate hex file,console print as follow:

make mem_init_generate 

Info: Building ../ft_monitor_bsp/

D:/program/intelFPGA_pro/18.1/nios2eds/bin/gnu/H-x86_64-mingw32/bin/make --no-print-directory -C ../ft_monitor_bsp/

[BSP build complete]

Post-processing to create mem_init/monitor_cpu_onchip_memory_cpu_onchip_memory.hex...

elf2hex ft_monitor.elf 0x00040000 0x0004ffff --width=32 --little-endian-mem --create-lanes=0 mem_init/monitor_cpu_onchip_memory_cpu_onchip_memory.hex

Post-processing to create mem_init/hdl_sim/monitor_cpu_onchip_memory_cpu_onchip_memory.dat...

elf2dat --infile=ft_monitor.elf --outfile=mem_init/hdl_sim/monitor_cpu_onchip_memory_cpu_onchip_memory.dat \

--base=0x00040000 --end=0x0004ffff --width=32 \

--little-endian-mem --create-lanes=0 

Post-processing to create mem_init/hdl_sim/monitor_cpu_onchip_memory_cpu_onchip_memory.sym...

nios2-elf-nm -n ft_monitor.elf > mem_init/hdl_sim/monitor_cpu_onchip_memory_cpu_onchip_memory.sym

Post-processing to create mem_init/meminit.spd...

Post-processing to create mem_init/meminit.qip...


Is my operation correct?if not ,please tell me how to do?

Best Regards!

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you are missing one step, please replace step 3 "Select mem_init_install." with "Select mem_init_Generate"