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Eclipse Problem

Honored Contributor II

Just started some study on a Stratix III board. 


I want to use Eclipse, but really can't find a way to find the .pft needed for my board. 


The Eclipse tutorial tells me that to start with the "Hello World" example i need to take the .pft for my board from the example's dir  

under nios2eds. 

Actually there is no example dir for Stratix III, only II and IV. 

So i tried to build one for me with sopc_builder from Quartus, but it can only save files .sopc. 


Now, somebody can please suggest me how i can find, and produce, .pft files for Stratix III??? 


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Honored Contributor II


I made a tutorial video about how to run hello world application on the FPGA, you can apply the processor to your development board or custom kit, please visit the below link 

Please also check the description section for the materials 


Best Regards 

Mahdi Hafezi