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Eclipse "Problems" view, don't understand error message

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I had been following the directions from "My First Nios II Software Design", creating the Hello World Small project. 


It had been going all right, seemed to work as expected. I downloaded the program to my FPGA and tried to run it, but I didn't get the "hello world" message as expected. 


I tried a few things, then went back to Eclipse to try again. Now I get an error in the "problems" window when I "Build project" 

Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type 

make: *** [../DMI_Hello_World_bsp/-recurs-make-lib] Error 2    DMI_Hello_World             C/C++ Problemmake[1]: *** [] Error 1     DMI_Hello_World             C/C++ Problem 







The "hello_world_small.c" file is unchanged from the original, and I haven't intentionally changed anything else. 


What it is telling me? 


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