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Eclipse third party plugin support

I am using Quartus (Windows 7 64bit) and was wondering if the NIOS software build tools for Eclipse support third party plugins. I have tried to find some information online but have drawn a blank. 


I have tried to install the Subversive SVN Team Provider plugin from with in Eclipse by using the "Install New Software" option under the help menu. I am using as the update site URL. The plugin seems to install ok and Eclipse prompts to restart. After the restart the splash screen appears and an error pops up saying there was an error and refer to a log file. I have attached the log file with the errors in. 


I have also tried to manually install the VisualLint plugin and I get a similar error. My first question is does the sbt for eclipse support plugins and if it does, is there a trick to getting them working? 


Many thanks 

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