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Eclipse third party plugin support

I am using Quartus (Windows 7 64bit). I would like to use some third party plugins in the NIOS Software Build Tools for Eclipse. I have tried to install the Subversive SVN Team Provider plugin using the install new software option under the help menu. I am using the following URL for the update site 



If I select the Subversive plugin it appears to install fine and Eclipse asks to be restarted. Upon the restart of Eclipse the splash screen appears and shortly after an error message pops up and says "An error has occurred. See the log file". I have attached the log file for reference. 



The only way to get Eclipse to start is by deleting the workspace folder. Once I do this the subversive plugin isn't loaded. 



I have also tried to manually install the VisualLint plugin manually and I get similar results. If I put the .jar file in the plugins folder Eclipses wont start. If I remove the pluging and delete the workspace all is fine. 



My question is does SBT for Eclipse support plugins and if it does, am I doing something wrong? 



Many thanks 

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