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Ecos performance



I'm doing my first eCos project on Nios2/s (StratixGX). I'm experiencing slow performance with certain synchronisation mechanisms. 


Protecting a critical section with a mutex costs me about 130 usec more than doing it by disabling/enabling interrupts. 

Using the scheduler lock/unlock mechanism costs about 60 usec more than the interrupt mechanism. 


These figures are derived from running a test suite so they may be influenced by other activity. I'm therefor waiting for the H/W guys to give me a high-res timer to provide me with more accurate timing. 

I the mean time however, I would be interested to hear if someone else has experienced such bad performance and/or if someone can give me a clue to what is causing this. 

I am aware that eCos isn't been advertised as being hard realtime nor as being top performance, but to me these figures seem extremely bad considering the 100MHz CPU frequency. 


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