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Emulating AOCL on Windows: env command issue

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First of all, I'm using Windows 64, and everything is okay when I compile and run the hello_example on the SoCKit.  

But, to avoid the important time that takes the aocl compilation and synthesis flow, I'm trying to use the emulator option. To do that: 


I managed successfully to execute the command "aoc -v -march=emulator device/ --board sockit", 


After that, I compiled, without any issue, the hello_world host program. 


But, when I try to run the command "env CL_CONTEXT_EMULATOR_DEVICE_ALTERA=sockit hello", I get the following error message: 


env: hello: No such file or directory 


However, the file hello is there. 


Could you help me to find a solution to this problem ? 


Thanks and regards.
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you run this under admin access right?