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Enabling LW H2F bridge from MPL --> hangs

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I need to enable the LW H2F bridge from HPS in order to access my FPGA logic before loading u-boot.  

The MPL runs from the FPGA. 


Actually, I managed to make it work, but I don't know why it works :shock:. Please see the code below. This code will hang on the first attempt to access the LW bridge, BUT if I add: 


right after remapping, then the MPL runs fine. I fount this out just by coincident.  



board_init() { ... ... sysmgr_pinmux_init(); releasing_all_peripherals_from_reset(); <--- added by me warm_reset_handshake_support(); <--- added by me alt_bridge_init(ALT_BRIDGE_LWH2F, NULL, NULL); <--- added by me alt_write_word(ALT_L3_REMAP_ADDR, 0x18 | 0x1); // remap 0x0 to OCRAM, Maintain FPGA connection <--- moved from the end of the board_init() // thaw (un-freeze) all IO banks sys_mgr_frzctrl_thaw_req(FREEZE_CHANNEL_0, FREEZE_CONTROLLER_FSM_SW); sys_mgr_frzctrl_thaw_req(FREEZE_CHANNEL_1, FREEZE_CONTROLLER_FSM_SW); sys_mgr_frzctrl_thaw_req(FREEZE_CHANNEL_2, FREEZE_CONTROLLER_FSM_SW); sys_mgr_frzctrl_thaw_req(FREEZE_CHANNEL_3, FREEZE_CONTROLLER_FSM_SW); 





Thanks in advance!
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