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Error 2 make (e=2) : The system cannot find the specified file. nios2eds shell.


Hi, I am new to FPGA and SoC . I am trying how to create C language software design and run it on ARM-included DE0 nano SoC. when I am trying to build and compile the process in Nios2eds shell it is showing the following error I need help with this please. Thanks in advance.

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To create C language software design and run it on ARM SoC.

Use SOC EDS command sell.


  1. Open SoC EDS command sell
  2. go to My_First_project folder.(main.c) type "make" or "make main"
  3. You can see the executable with file name "main"

Refer the link below for more information.


Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance.


Best Regards,

Anand Raj Shankar

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For compiling apps on HPS, you should use the embedded shell prompt and not the NIOSII prompt. IF you 've installed SOCEds tool chain you should have an embedded folder, go to that folder and double-click the .bat file to open the ARM embedded command shell.


To fix this, edit the Makefile and change the name of the CROSS_COMPILE := arm-linux-gnueabhif- to CROSS_COMPILE := arm-altera-eabi-


Save and close the file. Now, run the make command and check.


I think thats the Linux app you're trying to run. Instead , untar the HelloWorld Baremetal GNU app. You do not need to modify the Makefile, just run the make command and it will build the files for you.