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Errors trying to instantiate flash in SOPC Builder

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I'm trying to instantiate a flash device in SOPC Builder. 


I instantiate the Flash Memory Interface(CFI) with a template of Intel 256P30. I instantiate my Avalon-MM Tristate Bridge. I hook them up and get the following error: 


Error: cfi_flash_0.s1: Master tri_state_bridge_0.tristate_master does not have a waitrequest signal. Slave must match master's read and write wait time (read:0 write:0) 

Error: tri_state_bridge_0.tristate_master/cfi_flash_0.s1: Signal tri_state_bridge_0.tristate_master[0] and signal cfi_flash_0.s1[16] must have the same data width 



Any suggestions? 



Version is Quartus 12.1sp1
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I have the same problem issue, have you already fixed it? Please share me your experience. 


Thanks a lot! 


Version is also Quartus 12.1sp1
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Hi, I have the same problem. Could you please if you already fixed it, send me a e-mail to me. I'm using version Quartus 13.0sp1. Thanks for your kindness.:-P

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Hello guys! 

I'm trying to execute the memory test template. I select the option to test flash.  

I have checked in the system.h file that the name of the flash is /dev/ext_flash. But when I type in the same name in the nios console, it shows an error 

saying : could not open "/dev/ext_flash" 


any idea how to eliminate this error? 


Thanks in advance.. any advice is welcome.