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Etherenet TCP/IP server for Arria V board

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I have an Arria V starter kit, which has an ethernet port on it. I was unable to find a tutorial on how to use the ethernet on that specific board, but I found a triple speed ethernet tutorial for DE2-115 boards. I created a nios II system which includes a triple speed ethernet according to this tutorial (see image)  


I connected the nios II system to the ethernet pins on the FPGA as described in the tutorial:  


I think I've done everything correctly. 


I'm following the NicheStack TCP/IP tutorial to setup a simple socket server (, but I think this may not be compatible with the Nios II system I generated.  


After setting up the BSP, I try to build the simple socket server and I get this error: 

In file included from ./HAL/inc/includes.h:23:0, 

from ./UCOSII/inc/priv/alt_sem_ucosii.h:45, 

from ./UCOSII/inc/os/alt_sem.h:75, 

from ./HAL/inc/priv/alt_file.h:44, 

from HAL/src/alt_close.c:37: 

./UCOSII/inc/ucos_ii.h:1708:2: error:# error "OS_CFG.H, Missing OS_TICKS_PER_SEC: Sets the number of ticks in one second" 

# error "OS_CFG.H, Missing OS_TICKS_PER_SEC: Sets the number of ticks in one second" 


I am unsure what to do. I have been unable to find any tutorials for my device. Is there a general etherenet / TCP/IP tutorial for Altera boards? My google searching has not produced anything helpful
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I was able to solve the compile error I got by adding an interval timer to my nios II system, but now I'm getting another error when I compile: 


In file included from ./drivers/inc/iniche/altera_eth_tse_iniche.h:36:0, 

from ./drivers/inc/altera_eth_tse.h:36, 

from alt_sys_init.c:65: 

./drivers/inc/iniche/ins_tse_mac.h:34:27: fatal error: altera_msgdma.h: No such file or directory 


Note: I am running quartis and eclipese-nios on a scientific linux machine


I am trying to implement triple speed ethernet in nios processor using modular scatter gather dma (msgdma) controller. I have build the qsys. For memory i have used ram. I have called 2 msgdma one for receiving in streaming to memory mode and one for transmitting in memory to streaming mode. I have done the interconnections in qsys platform and generated the HDL successfully. The sopcinfo file is also generated. Using this sopcinfo file i tried to generate the bsp. The bsp generates but when i try to build the bsp project in eclipse the build fails. It says that " fatal error. altera_msgdma.h. No such file exists."

I am using Quartus 18.1. I cannot downgrade to lower version as i have progressed a lot in 18.1 and now cannot migrate to a lower version because of dependency issues.

Actually this file is missing in alt_avalon_tse.h. The altera_msgdma.h exists in the installation folder of quartus 18.1 in c drive. But some how when i try to build the bsp it doesn't pick that file and throws the above mentioned error. I have tried to manually move altera_msgdma.h and altera_msgdma.c file into the incude and source file of the driver folder of the project file. After doing this the bsp builds, but the actual project build fails.

I am not using linux

Kindly guide