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Exemple Gimp display function

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Hi all, 

i works with my DE1 for displaying picture with the Nios II. 

I have seen some prepared function for in gui.c and gimp.c 


exemple : 


/***************************************************************************** * Function: CopyImageToBuffer * * Purpose: Copies an image to a video buffer of a different width. The source and * destination do not have to be contained in the same buffer, * and can be differend widths. This function is useful for copying * images stored in RAM to the active frame buffer to be displayed. * * Returns: 0 ****************************************************************************/ int CopyImageToBuffer( char* dest, char* src, int dest_width, int src_width, int src_height ) {  


/***************************************************************************** * Function: load_gimp_graphic_to_pointer * * Purpose: * * Returns: 0 ****************************************************************************/ int load_gimp_graphic_to_pointer( GimpImage* image_source, char** dest ) {  


/***************************************************************************** * Function: DisplayGimpImage * * Purpose: * * Returns: 0 ****************************************************************************/ void DisplayGimpImage( int loc_x, int loc_y, GimpImage* gimp_image, alt_video_display* display ) {  


Did you know a code will use them for an exemple ? 

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So , 

Nobody for helping me ?