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External and Internal TBI PHY

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I want to configure my Ethernet controller in sgmii mode(rgmii is working).As sgmii requires configuring TBI PHY and also external Marvell PHY and also Ethernet controller.Can you please guide me in what sequence I will configure these three components.1st I will configure external PHY or TBI PHY? 


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SGMII mode will either require a transceiver or an LVDS channel on your FPGA (depending on what FPGA you have). I assume by TBI PHY you mean the LVDS interface? Is there a reason you want to use SGMII if you already have RGMII working? If you have RGMII working, why not just stick with it? Most externals PHYs will allow you to configure multiple MAC interfaces, you just have to do it on via the bootstrap interface, or reconfigure it over the MDIO interface.