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Extract BSP settings from a Nios Eclipse project.




I have a Nios project that i have created using the ecplies. Now i would like to port over all my settings from the BSP settings into my CMAKE list. The issue is when i build from CMAKE the nios will not boot up and start the program. But when i load the program image via eclipes it starts fine. I need to make sure i have all BSP settings correct in the CMAKE list. How can i extract it from the project.


These type of settings im looking for


    --set hal.enable_small_c_library true

    --set hal.make.bsp_cflags_optimization "-Os"

    --set hal.sys_clk_timer none

    --set hal.timestamp_timer none

    --set hal.stdin "jtag_uart"

    --set hal.stdout "jtag_uart"

    --set hal.stderr "jtag_uart"

    --set hal.enable_sim_optimize false

    --set hal.enable_gprof false

    --set hal.enable_lightweight_device_driver_api true

    --set hal.enable_sopc_sysid_check true

    --set hal.enable_exit true

    --set hal.enable_clean_exit true

    --set hal.enable_c_plus_plus true

    --set hal.enable_reduced_device_drivers true

    --set hal.max_file_descriptors 32



Thanks in advance


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Where you store your boot image? EPCQ, RAM, etc?

How you boot the NIOS II? XIP or boot copier. This is the main concern first then we can say if the BSP setting is correct or not.

Please check the following page to know more about booting the NIOS II from different memories.