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FPGA Bridge enabled, but signal tap shows data is zeros

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Thanks in Advanced. 


Previously I have done the same thing on a Macnica Sodia board but used the FPGA DDR memory to do the same thing -- so I HAVE VERIFIED that my firmware works as advertised. 

Currently - I want to use HPS DDR to reduce the DDR chips needed for our custom PCB so ... I am  


working on a Macnica Helio board took the Q14.1 Golden Design and added my IPs then - I have used Q17.1 bsp-editor and associated commands to generate the u-boot and preloader. 


If necessary I can provide those instructions. 


I am using kernel 4.1.33-ltsi with some extra features enabled.  


At first my *.dtb file was not correctly resetting the bridge, but subsequently I changed the *.dtb (and from another post I matched it to the *.dtb of the kernel). 


AND I can see during boot 

[ 2.272449] fpga_manager fpga0: Altera SOCFPGA FPGA Manager registered 

[ 2.279599] altera_hps2fpga_bridge sopc@0:fpgabridge@0: fpga bridge [hps2fpga] registered 

[ 2.288011] altera_hps2fpga_bridge sopc@0:fpgabridge@1: fpga bridge [lwhps2fpga] registered 

[ 2.296481] altera_hps2fpga_bridge sopc@0:fpgabridge@2: fpga bridge [fpga2hps] registered 



And I can see everything in /sys/class/fpga-bridge/ 



I HAVE SIGNAL TAP SET UP TO SEE THE avs and avm signals --> 

I have a device driver that has a kernel buffer of known data and I give the firmware that start address to read from BUT I can see all the correct bus signals but the data read from the address IS NOT THE EXPECTED DATA IT IS ZERO !!!  


What am I missing?  


Also, how do I know the address of fpgabridge@0, @1, @2 - to verify that they match properly (it used to be at boot you saw the actual addresses). 


Any help/ideas will be greatly appreciated !!!
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SOLVED !!!!! 


I switched my allocation of the memory buffers to: 



static char * dmakbuf1; "kbuf" 

static char * dmakbuf2; 


static dma_addr_t handle; 

static dma_addr_t handle2; 

static size_t size = (1024 * PAGE_SIZE); 



dmakbuf1 = dma_alloc_coherent(NULL, size, &handle, GFP_KERNEL); 

if ( dmakbuf1 == NULL ) printk( KERN_ALERT "dma_alloc_coherent FAILED !!!! BUF1 \n" ); 

dmakbuf2 = dma_alloc_coherent(NULL, size, &handle2, GFP_KERNEL); 

if ( dmakbuf2 == NULL ) printk( KERN_ALERT "dma_alloc_coherent FAILED !!!! BUF2 \n" ); 



THE RETURN VALUES == "handle" the physical address is what I give to the FIRMWARE 

and the "dmakbuf" is what the user space code needs (NO ioremap) 


Hope this helps someone else.