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FPGA-SoC and Linux Yocto on Terasic DE1-SoC board

I'm doing some work on FPGA side under Linux Yocto on Terasic DE1-SoC board, 

and frequently check the changes (IP on Avalon-ST) by re-program fpga 


But if I shall do this with blaster JTAG, the framebuffer (VGA) will be ruined, 

so Im converting sof to rbf, write it to flash, reinsert it to socket, etc, and reboot. 


But I guess there are should exist more easiest ways to do this ?  

For example load sof file with JTAG and just reload/modeprobe fb of Linux sys tools ? 


I tried to search out how to do it on standard (stripped ver) of Yocto on DE1 boards,  

but have not meet any convenient way except to build a new image of Linux ...  


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