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File handling using Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse


I'm trying to use the Eclipse to compile the program for Nios II on the DE1-SoC FPGA.

I thought that the memory controller should be used for generating data logic (which means, generating data stream from the input file such as .csv file).

I started from the "DE1-SoC SDRAM Nios Demo" and tried to add the code for reading the input file using the function as fopen(), fscanf(), etc.

However, it seems that the program cannot read the input file while I specified the path of the input file.

So I'm wondering if the Eclipse is just a simple cross-compiler and the input file cannot be read since the program is running on the FPGA, which does not have the information of the input file.

As a result, my final questions are as follows:

1. Is that correct that the reason that the program cannot read the input file is the program is running on the FPGA which does not have the input file? (after writing this, I'm feeling that this question is very stupid...)

2. So how may I read the input file at the FPGA board?

 - Is there any way to insert the input file while running the Nios II program using Eclipse?

 - Should I use the HPS-FPGA (running FPGA with Linux filesystem) to use the input file?


Thank you for reading, and please comment on any idea since I'm quite new to FPGA & embedded programming.

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