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First Nios project works with Nios2/e but not with Nios/sf

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Hi all 

I'm a very beginner with nios II and I have some problems with the first simple test: 


I have a cheap "chinesse" CycloneII mini-board with 16 MB sdram and I created a SOPC with: 


- Nios 2/e ( Nios2 /s) 

- JTAG uart 

- PIO (1 output) 

- SDRAM controller 

- EPCS controller 


With Nios 2 SBT , selecting the template "hello world." I've created my first test, and works perfectly with the Nios2/e CPU , but after re-generating the SOPC with the cpu Nios2/s and remake the project, the board doesn't send the famous message to the Nios Console. 


Can someone help me ???? 


Thx very much
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NIOS II/e is free, but /s and /f require a license.  

Assuming you don't have a license, you may be able to use them in time/tethered evaluation mode.
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Thank you, I don't have a license, it is my first soft core try, i will take a look at opencores.