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Four video moudules' streams + wifi

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Please share your opinion on the following task. 

We need to unite video from four video modules and transmit it using wifi to mobile device. 

We plan to use 2M videmodules with parallel interface, because we don't have mipi cameras specifications. 

What is the best topology? (for example FPGA + MCU + WiFi module). 

It is not necessary to use FPGA (however it seems the most valid solution), if there is other way its ok too. 


What restrictions should we take into account? 


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Yes, it could be done. We've done exactly what you're asking for. We've used a camera sensor, Freescale processor with Linux and Gstreamer, WiFi-dongel (or 4G) and a mobile app. It isn't something you do in weeks, but in months. 


With an FPGA everything is more flexibel of course, especially with the MIPI CSI-2 I/F, but it comes with a cost (for the IP).