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From PIO IP to HPS SDRAM (Cyclone V SE)

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Hello world, 


I'm trying to right into the HPS RAM the button position of my atlas-soc / de0-nano-soc. 

Using Qsys (which I'm slowly discovering), I tried to map the buttons to the RAM bus, the issue is in the address bank of the memory bus. 

I run Linux in the HPS with the "mem=800M" parameter, so I want to write the buttons position after the 800M firsts bytes. 


Any idea ?
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Hi back, 


I've tried to continue, my design is now the one attached but it is still not complete. 


my goal:Get the button position of the De0-Nano-SoC and put the data into HPS RAM, in the last 200MB. 


my questions:How to define the address in RAM where to write the buttons position? 

Where to connect control_port_slave of my dma controller IP? 


Thanks ! 


Léo :france: