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GNU Debugger on older, non-MMU uClinux?

I feel like this may be a stupid question, but I can't find a direct answer or any information that seems useful. I have been told by coworkers that there is no GNU debugger support on the version we use, but now I am maintaining an ongoing project and the software has become complex enough that I need to debug crashing issues. I am using the Nios II Linux/uClinux Community Release 20080619. Printing debug information to a JTAG terminal does not seem to be helpful at this point. Unfortunately, I cannot migrate to a newer version of uClinux right now either. Can I use the GNU debugger with this older, non-MMU version of uClinux? If so, are there any recommended resources to help me get started? I have looked at the Altera Wiki, but what I have found sounds like it applies to newer versions of uClinux with the MMU. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? 



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I have determined that my original post was, in fact, contained stupid questions. I decided to try a GNU debugger tutorial on the Altera Wiki to see if I could get anywhere. This one to be more specific. It looks as if the GNU debugger does work with the version of uClinux I am using. I cannot say at this point how well it works, but things seem to happen as I expect.