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GPIO access using Qsys tool and Linux in deo nano

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Hi , 


I have selected the required GPIO_0 and GPIO_1 from qysys periperal pins and generated the VHDL for this.after this I have added top level file to access these GPIO's.In the Assignment editor GPIO_0 and GPIO_1 is reflecting with Bank 7 pins. 

Is this assignment correct??..After creating the .SOF when I flashed to Deo nano ..only GPIO 53 is being accessed from Linux space.Other pins cannot be accessed.Even after when we try to bind we get error saying -sh: echo: write error: No such device 


Need to know actual GPIO_1_D1 is different pin and GPIO29 is different pin..what needs to be changed in .V file to access the pin in linux?? 

Is this a linux issue or the .SOF issue??If I am able to access pin53 why I cannot access others???? 

Kindly help us to go through this forum 


--Thanks in advance 



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