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GPS Parcer

Honored Contributor II

Hello All, 


I am currently working on getting GPS data from my receiver to the FPGA and displaying the sentences using Eclipse. I have done this in the past using NIOS without any issues, however when I tried to do this again, I am running into garbled sentences. Here are some specifics: 

  • I am using the RS-232 as my serial device input/output 

  • I have a GPS that runs at 9600 baud with one stop bit, 8 bits of data and no parity 

  • I have correctly instantiated the RS-232 device within my top level compiled and ran. 

  • I have generated the NIOS design with the following warning... 

  • warning: system: "no matching role found for uart_rs232:s1:dataavailable (dataavailable)" 

  • Eclipse compiles everthing fine, however the data I get back is something like this: >&nÊònÊ2¹NJÒnÊãònÊynÒ>Ê 

  • The data does come every second as expected 



Any help with this would be appreciated.
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As an addition to my work, I have tried using various baud rates with the same result. I am currently trying to write my own interface and see if that might work. I am using a DE2-115 with Quartus II 11.1.