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GSRD 14.1 Modifying the kernel

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Thanks in advance. 

With on the Cyclone 5 dev kit in GSRD 13.1 I used:# ] cd yocto# ] source ~/yocto/altera-init ~/yocto/build_tag# ] "bitbake -c menuconfig -f virtual/kernel 

modified what I needed ...# ] bitbake virtual/kernel 

So, I've moved to GSRD 14.1 and I've built the default kernel as per the instruction on: 

$ cd ~ 

$ git clone  

$ cd linux-socfpga 

$ git checkout -b test_branch ACDS14.1_REL_GSRD_PR 

$ export CROSS_COMPILE=~/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.8-2013.12_linux/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf- 

$ make ARCH=arm socfpga_defconfig 

$ make ARCH=arm zImage 

I tried that image on the SDcard and it worked. I need to add USB support for Pata (compact flash) 

Off of the USB to go port. So, I tried this: 

$ cd ~/linux-socfpga 

$ make ARCH=arm menuconfig 

I add the PATA driver -- save it. 

BUT when I make it doesn't like the configuration file and it starts asking me all the  

configuration questions. 


How do I modify the kernel configuration and recompile the kernel?
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SOLVED - but not eloquently 


So, I took the sopcfpga_defconfig and edited it to add the things I needed. If anyone knows the proper way to do this I'd love to know. 


Only problem now is in 13.1 the kernel saw the card reader -- in 14.1 it does not.