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Germs/Flash size in binary?

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I want to know how I can calculate the size of my .germs / .flash files when they are burnt into the flash. What size are they in binary??? 


Regards upfront 

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Hi -- 


I'm not sure I understand your question. 


The utilities srec2flash and hexout2flash each report the address range as they run. 


Afterwards, you can inspect the file (though you need to understand the various s-record or hexout formats to make sense f it). 


-- dvb
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Hi dvb. 


Thanks for your answer on my post. 


Yes the srec2flash reports this, but the hexout2flash does not. 


hexout2flash uses 0x600000 a default base adr and a size of 0xA2A00(666112 bytes). My safe image is compressed and the .sof file has a size of 408k. How do a calculate the size when this has been stored on the flash? 


I also want to calculate the size of my WOSFS.germs file. The WOSFS.germs contains my filesystem with som compressed files that I will extract directly into the RAM. When it is stored in the flash I don&#39;t know the exact size .(I could just take the file sizes of the files and add them up and then use this size, but that seems to be a bit newbie<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif ) and not very exact).