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Getting U-Boot to set the MAC Address

Hello all, 


It's time I start to plan to move my design towards production. I need to get a unique MAC address into each system. Rather than customising a firmware image for each board that is made I plan to use the same firmware image and get a MAC from a Microchip combined EEPROM + MAC address chip. 


The idea is that the system boots and either the HPS or NIOS reads the mac address and it gets saved onto the SD card, possible to the FAT partition. After a reboot U-boot must read the FAT partition (FATLOAD) and then set the environment variable for the MAC address according to the data it just read. 


Can anyone tell me how I can get u-boot to automatically read a file and then use the information in the file to set the environment variable? 


Alternatively does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to deal with assigning MAC addresses to boards? 


Thanks a lot
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