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Getting started with Linux on ARVIA V multiprocessors



Can anyone give some pointers as to how to start studying the develpoment with Linux on ARVIA V. 

I need to deal with multiprocessor on ARVIA V (ARM and NIOS). 

Now I'm not sure as to which OS is best suitable. 

NIOS need to interface PCI express - I'm not sure that the basic developments with EDS is suitable for that - it seems that it only supporsts uC and I'm not sure if uC supports PCIe. This leaves me with Linux. 

1. How to get started with Linux on ARVIA V ? (The EDS is more about uC, so I'm not sure as to the development on Linux). 

2. Does Linux support the mutex (test-and-set) which is required for multiprocessor access on interfaces on single fpga ? 

3. Does Linux suport ARVIA V interfaces (ethernet, rs-232). Or do I need to port the HAL implementation in Nios for example into Linux kernel ? 

4. Where can I find the SDK for linux ARM (and Linux Nios) with ARVIA ? 



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